Quality, price, and turnaround time are the most important things you look for in a screen printing company. Knowing this, Odditees makes every effort to ensure you receive the best quality apparel and printing services at the best rates. Whether it's an order for 22 shirts or 2,200 shirts, we'll take great care of you.

Screen Printing

The most used process for decorating apparel, screen printing allows for a wide variety of colors, designs, and fabrics. Specialty inks can be used to create distinct and unique designs, too.

Graphic Design

You don't have to sweat not having the perfect logo or design. That's what our graphic design team is for. We'll take your idea or sketch and bring it to life, ensuring it is exactly what you want.


Plastisol ink is the industry standard for screen printing.

It is the most commonly used and the most popular choice.

Benefits include bright colors, high opacity, and easier Pantone color matching.

Cons:  Can have a heavier feel.  Large prints on dark garments are less breathable.


Waterbased inks create super soft prints that are extremely breathable.  This means the print is more in the fabric than on top of it.

Benefits include super soft prints, more comfortable wear-ability, and bonus points for being more eco-friendly versus plastisol ink.

Cons: Colors can have a matte look and be less vibrant, and Pantone matching can be challenging.  Waterbased inks tend to work best on White and light color garments.


Discharge is a waterbased ink that deactivates the dye in fabric under heat and allows the fabric to return to its natural appearance. Dye pigments can be added to discharge ink which then allow the fabric to be re-dyed as the original dye is deactivated. The end result is an ultra-soft print with a vintage, soft look.

Discharge ink works best on 100% cotton garments.
Poly-Cotton blends yield muted colors.
Garment colors in the cobalt blue family do not discharge well. Those colors include Kelly Green, Royal Blue and Purple. Discharging these garment colors is not recommended.


Halftone printing is the process of converting smooth gradients such as shading or photographs into a series of printable dots.  This technique is also used with multi-tonal artwork designs, and with both Simulated Process and True Color Process (CMYK) printing.

Halftone can sometimes be used to decrease the colors of design to make it more cost effective.

For best results, the highest resolution artwork available should be supplied.


Metallic inks contain a metal flake which adds a sparkle to the print.  Metallic inks are printed through a course mesh to allow the glitter-like flakes through and therefore they are not recommended for finer detail designs.   Metallic inks are available in a wide variety of colors, however, Gold and Silver are the most popular.

+$0.50 additional per location.


Inside Tag Printing adds the final touch to your print job.